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    Subscriber ContentHuman animal bond research shows positive impact o...


    Pets make us feel good and are good for our health, says Bob Vetere of the Human Animal Research Bond Initiative and APPA. Pet ownership and the human animal bond are being researched in a quantitativ...

    Subscriber ContentWhat is the Global Food Safety Initiative?


    Dave Harlan, vice president of food safety, quality and regulatory for Cargill explains the basics of GFSI. Harlan was a speaker at Petfood Forum 2013.

    Subscriber ContentVeterinarian addresses the most commonly asked dog...


    Veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Dyal talks about the most common ailments and issues dog and cat owners ask and ways to solve them in the Coating Excellence International booth at the 2013 Petfood Forum.

    Subscriber ContentCHAMP service dog Twix at work at Petfood Forum


    Twix, Kerri Morgan's service dog, demonstrates fetching a 911 phone as one of the vital services she provides Morgan.

    Subscriber ContentParalympian and Petfood Forum keynote describes li...


    Paralympic bronze medalist and Petfood Forum 2013 keynote speaker Kerri Morgan gives an example of how Twix, her service dog, has helped make her daily life easier.

    Subscriber ContentMokon shows us their fluid temperature control sys...


    Jim Tubinis of Mokon presents two of the company's fluid temperature control systems. The system include a full range unit with a heating and cooling circuit and a water-based unit.

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