• Merrick’s Dog Food Revolution features real Texas beef

    Pete Brace, VP of communications for Merrick Pet Care/Castor & Pollux, shows some of the nearly 30 products the company launched at Global Pet Expo. They included the newest addition to Merrick’s grain-free line, featuring real Texas beef.


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    • In addition to its Grain Free recipes, Merrick offers a complete line of Classic Recipes featuring a healthy balance of meat/poultry/fish, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. All Merrick recipes are made in the USA according to the highest nutritional standards, using no ingredients from China.

    • This is what I possess been searching in numerous websites further I eventually constitute it here. Dazzling story. The virtually 30 items the corporation launched at Worldwide Fondle Expo. They included the newest summation to Merrick’s grain-footloose file, featuring literal Texas beef.
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