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    How to start a dog treat business as a 10-year-old

    Don Bamber, owner of Super Dog Treats, explains how his daughter, Shirley, started the company as part of a program of the Alberta, Canada, government. The leading ingredient in the treats is elk antler, intended to alleviate osteoarthritis in dogs.

    How manufacturers can help feed shelter pets

    Betsy Banks Saul, founder of www.petfinder.com, discusses the importance of helping animal shelters and rescue organizations and how petfood manufacturers can assist by donating food that may be close to expiration or with minor packaging defects.

    The forces driving petfood ingredient prices

    Bob Bresnahan, CEO Trilateral, discusses four dominant forces that drive price at Petfood Forum 2012. Understanding these forces is particularly important in times of market volatility.

    The dogs of Petfood Forum 2012

    Petfood Forum went to the dogs on opening day of the 2012 event. There were at least a dozen dogs -- and a couple cats -- on hand getting the crowd's attention and some pets. We talked to several of the dogs to get their viewpoint of the event.

    How petfood companies can partner with animal rescue groups

    Betsy Bank Saul, founder of www.petfinder.com, a free service for rescue groups, shelters and pet adopters, discusses opportunities for petfood manufacturers to get involved in animal welfare efforts.

    Petfinder.com and shelter program impacts pet adoptability

    Betsy Banks Saul, founder of Petfinder.com, discusses their Train-to-Adopt program that helps make dogs and cats more likely to be adopted by providing mental stimulation for shelter animals.

    The small animal market needs products that compel consumers

    Micah Kohles, DVM, director of technical services for Oxbow Animal Health, thinks innovative products will further drive consumer purchases in the fastly growing small animal market.

    National Petfood Bank helps spread awareness and dispel myths

    John Kane of the National Petfood Bank, a nationwide coalition of petfood banks and pantries, want petfood companies to use their model to communicate with pet parents while promoting education.

    Can nutrition prevent cancer in dogs and cats?

    Elizabeth Ryan, PhD, with the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University, describes her research on restricted calorie diets, cholesterol-reduction and their impact on controlling canine and feline cancer.

    Recyclable pouches also have biodegradable additives

    Star Packaging introduced their new recyclable pouches for petfood and treats at Petfood Forum 2012. The environment-friendly packaging also contains additives that make it biodegrable, according to the company.